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Our dream is that every therapist would would have a set of Therapy Cards to share with clients.  Do contact us and let us know how we can help you.

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    Founders of the foundation

    Julian Sant Fournier

    Julian works as family court mediator with the Family Court in Malta since 2002. For the past 14 years he has dedicated part of his life doing voluntary work together with his wife Joanna preparing couples for Marriage. Together with her husband Julian in 2012 they have set up the foundation to reach out and help others build strong relationships.

    Joanna Sant Fournier

    Joanna works as a Learning Support Assistant in a Primary School. For the past 20 years she has dedicated part of her life doing voluntary work with children and families. Together with her husband Julian in 2012 they have set up the foundation to reach out and help others build strong relationships.

    Therapy cards Team

    Meet the team who have contributed to develop the Therapy Cards. Getting there has been quite a journey and we encountered many challenges along the way. We would like to thank all the people who made this dream come true. Special thanks to all those who believed in us, gave us ideas and supported the Foundation over the past years

    Stephen Camilleri

    Stephen is a counsellor by profession.. He is currently the Education Officer in charge of Personal Social and Career Development (PSCD) subject with the Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes and a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Malta. He was one of the founders of the Executive Council of the Malta Association for the Counselling Profession (MACP) and was a member of the Children and Young Persons Advisory Board. His main areas of interest include PSCD, emotional literacy, career education, sexuality and relationships education. He occupied various positions with the Education Department, that of a teacher, a Guidance teacher and also as a counsellor.

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    Johanna Marie

    Johanna is a newly graduated counsellor who has been working in schools for the past three years. Her passion is working with children and adolescents as she believes that the earlier an individual benefits from therapy, the better. In the past, Johanna also supported students with educational needs in schools. She also worked closely with adults with intellectual, physical and mental illnesses and children going through parental separation and living in unsafe environments.

    Josef Mizzi

    Josef graduated in education from the University of Malta in 2007 followed by the Masters in Counselling in 2016. He is currently a full-time counsellor at the Malta College for Arts, Science and
    Technology (MCAST). He also offers his services as counsellor at Richmond Foundation and SOS Malta.

    Josef is serving a term on the Malta Association for the Counselling Profession Council and he also a member on the Council for the Counselling Profession.  Josef has also been involved in the voluntary sector for a number of years in the social sector.

    Noel Zammit Pawley (1)
    Noel Zammit Pawley

    Noel graduated in B. Communications with Psychology from the University of Malta. He has also read for a Master Degree in Youth Ministry, where his study focused on youth moral panics in Malta. Currently he is reading for a Master Degree in Counselling. In these last three years he’s been working as a Student Mentor for the Foundation Level students within MCAST. This role entails mentoring students in personal, social and academic aspects, as well as organising projects such as Debating Tournaments and Integration with the aim to boost student skills and participation. Noel’s main academic areas of interest include
    counselling related to disability, community-based counselling, attitudes and values of young people and their holistic wellbeing. In the past he also occupied other positions such as a journalist within RTK Radio and a youth worker within Aġenzija Żgħażagħ.

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    Benjamin Calleja

    Ben is a warranted counsellor and a qualified counselling supervisor. Since 2010, he provided counselling in school settings where at present he holds the grade of Principal Counsellor.  During the past decade, Benjamin worked as a counsellor in four colleges including that of Gozo.  He also holds an independent practice.  He participated in several courses, locally and abroad in order to stay abreast in the counselling profession.  Recently, he was part of the committee that worked on the development of the Therapy Cards.

    He served in the Malta Association for the Counselling Profession (MACP) Council for over three years and was mainly active in the Complaints Procedures committee, in the discussions leading to the legislation of the Counselling Act, and at the embryonic stage of MACP becoming a registered union.  He also served as the first president of the Association for Reality Therapy – Malta (ART-M) for six years.

    PhotoPam (1)
    Pamela Cuschieri

    Pamela aims to provide genuine healing and wholeness to individuals and families. She earned a Diploma in Psychology from the E.I.E., a Social Work Degree and a
    Master in Counselling from the University of Malta.

    Pamela has over ten years’ experience with survivors of domestic violence and their children. She has also provided counselling services in a variety of NGOs. She has a base of experience in counselling children and adolescents. Areas of emphasis with children include anxiety, conduct disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, eating disorders and phobias. Pamela also has a base of counselling experience working with adults in a wide variety of settings. Speciality areas include grief, depression, anxiety, trauma and life changes.

    Pamela strives to create a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which individuals can be supported in their efforts to change and grow as well as become reconnected to their strengths.

    Silvia Galea

    Silvia works as counsellor within the educational sector and as a counsellor supervisor. Her experience covers counselling children, adolescents and adults, couple counselling and family counselling . She also supervises counselling trainees as part of their Masters qualification at the University of Malta and works privately as counsellor and supervisor.

    Silvia graduated with a B.Psy (Hons); and has an Advanced Post Graduate Diploma from Portman (NHS) in systemic therapy. She has a Masters Degree on Counselling and a Post Graduate Certificate in Supervision. Currently she is working on a PHD proposal and is intensifying her studies in emotional regulation in a multi-family setting.

    She is past president of the Malta Association of the Counselling Profession and was also on the board of Directors of the Malta Red Cross for ten years and a member on the technical committee for childcare for five years.

    Michelle Debono

    Michelle has worked as a GT for most of my teaching career in Malta working with youths having challenging behaviour, an area which she loves.  Michelle moved on and worked as Director of Fejda and Jean Antide, a residential home for young females. This gave her the experience of living and breathing their life experiences, which as a professional gave her a different perspective and view of their lived experiences, the ‘unspoken’.

    She then moved on to the UK for seven years working again in a specialized school for drop-outs, due to their behavioral challenges.  Michelle became a registered Counsellor with the BACP.  She recently came back and went back to working in Child Abuse.  She is also a part-time lecturer with the Uni of Malta teaching social integration to migrants and with an institute whereby she teacher various psychology topics.