Therapy Cards is a tool that help and support clients attending therapy to explore their feelings or /and help them reflect on the abilities to process difficult times in their lives. The cards have been developed by Relationships are Forever Foundation together with a team of warranted counsellors.

The Illustrations of the cards and the different phases are meant to facilitate the externalization of painful and other sensitive experiences on external images with the hope that the client experiences new and deeper insights.

The stages in the process

The Therapy Cards pack is intended to be used as a toolbox to aid the therapeutic process.

The cards can be used at any phase of the therapeutic journey and can help to create a safe space where clients can talk about their feelings and explore and give meaning to the experiences they are going through. They can also be used to unblock the therapeutic process when it reaches an impasse.

The images on the front of the cards can help clients connect with the present moment, while the questions at the back can serve to help clients to reflect, analyse and critically evaluate their feelings or/and behaviours.
Helping professionals need to use their professional competencies to facilitate the introduct

ion of the cards, help clients connect with the cards and use them according to the client’s needs. This process of exploration can help clients become more attuned with their feelings and choose alternative behaviours that have meaning to them.

Design of each card


  • Colour coded to denote of the stage (e.g. Feeling)
  • Illustration to be used to process the card
  • Key text message


  • Things to think and talk about
  • Open questions to encourage a discussion
  • Last question is purposely design to help us be altruistic and think of others

Typical Process

You can start the process from any stage.  However it is possible that you start by expressing our you feel, possibility discussing a situation that made you feel that way.  There are various actions that you may wish take, each situation will have its possible consequences and outcomes.   One may conclude the process by explaining how one feels having travelled the journey.